Technologies & Products

SL-3: Vibration (shaker) sensor suitable for all types of fences, walls and barbed-wire concertina barriers.

High probability of detection with extremely low false alarm rate. The sensor cable is guarantied for 10 years. 

MBS-404: Concealed and undetectable Magnetic Sensor was designed specifically for installation on the top of walls.

The system detects any intruder attempting to climb over a wall carrying Ferro-magnetic objects.

MICALERT-303: Fence-mounted technology based on audio frequency signature comparison. The system detects intrusion attempts by analyzing typical disturbance noise patterns made by would-be intruders on a fence.

MBS-405: Passive Magnetic Buried Sensor. The system detects Ferro-Magnetic objects passing over or under the detection line and is unaffected by weather or animal activity.

TW-8000: Stand-alone or as an add-on to existing fence lines. Modular taut wire design with high probability of detection and extremely low false alarm rate.

IVMD-909: A video intelligence system for video surveillance networks, based on Image Processing over IP technology. The system includes platform components, specific algorithm detectors and is fully integratable to RBtec's INTRUDALERT C2 center.

ATP-71: An electronic security conduit designed to protect video, data and communication cables against tapping, bugging or tampering. The system detects any attempt of access by unauthorized persons.

Fibalert: Underwater sensor designed to detect breach attempts by cutting through the net. High probability of detection with extremely low false alarm rate.

RAZEALERT: Detect and deter security barrier consisting of razor-tape coil combined with a cut sensor, detects any attempt to breach by cutting the coil.

DAF-4000: Decorative climb detection fence system specifically designed for applications where aesthetics are important, such as Embassies, VIP estates and residences. Choices of fence panels are available as well as the option for custom metalwork as the sensor is built into the fence post.

RX-PAGE: An advanced wireless paging system, providing reliable control for vital system functionality and notification. The system is especially designed to provide a cost effective solution for remote control and guard management and is intended to transmit detailed alarm signals from the Control Center directly to remote staff, using dedicated server and own channels.